Saturday With Zon

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Zon was a band for about an hour… maybe two. They formed in a bedroom in Morgantown in the fall of 1996. They broke up later that afternoon, but not before completing the album/song/story called “Saturday with Zon” (because it mentions a “Zon” and it took place on a Saturday).

They lost touch later that evening and haven’t spoken since. Originally seen as an amicable disbandment, the quartet soon entered an embittered legal battle. Today, interaction exists only between lawyers.

“Saturday with Zon” is not so much a song as it is a journey through Trae and Craig’s imagination and Mitch and Colin’s attempts at providing musical accompaniment. Incidentally, Mitch, Colin, Trae, and Craig are likely the only people interested in listening to this.

Recorded in Morgantown, WV in 1996.

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