Blood, Sugar, Sex, Wenis

Wenis_BSSW-Cover Download

Wenis’ sophmore effort was met with mixed reviews. A rag-tag collection of both humorous and serious songs, the band couldn’t decide which direction to take the bulk of the material written for this album. And sadly, it shows. After the release of this album, the band decided on a lengthy hiatus… mainly because they got girlfriends.

Originally self-released in 2002.

1. I Hate the Cable Company
2. Watching Her Cat
3. Branches
4. It Didn’t Work Out, But
We’ll Always Have Friday Night
(One Night Stand)
5. MILFs
6. Shit On My Heart
7. DesireeHeatherJenniferMaritzaLaurenJulie
8. Good Enough
9. Picked Last in Gym
10. Train Song
11. King Red

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