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How does one begin to explain Wayne? That is a difficult question. He certainly is an outsider artist in the purist sense of the word. This is not a joke, most assuredly. ¡At Last! is, as far as we know, Wayne’s only official release. It is, of course, self released. We have no idea how many he made, but Cornslaw Industries recently acquired (through a generous gift from Mitch Jones and Fawley Music Company in Morgantown) 29 unopened copies of ¡At Last! and we are making them available to you for purchase. All proceeds will be given to charity.

The CD includes a Wayne “zine” (including scans of photos, flyers, and sheet music, and an original essay on Wayne written by Colin). There is also a link to some live Wayne and radio interview.

First off, we are not sure of the current whereabouts of Wayne. We are not sure if he is still bound to his terrestrial body, has returned to his home planet, or if he is (once again) hitchhiking across America. Wayne may or may not have appeared in 1977’s The Grateful Dead Movie. Irwin Chusid’s Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music does include a little information about Wayne, but even Mr. Chusid seemed at a lost when attempted to explain Wayne; opting to reprint the liner notes from ¡At Last¡ in the appendix of the book.

Wayne lived in Morgantown, West Virginia in the 1990s. Prior to that, by Wayne’s accounts, he lived just about everywhere (and nowhere). He was a self-described hitch-hiking hobo. Wayne walked with a limp, wore a beret, and showed up at a number of open mics and proper band performances to play along on one of his signature instruments: a pill bottle.

There are some truly beautiful songs included on ¡At Last¡. So, for nostalgic purposes (’cause you lived in Morgnatown and remember Wayne), for listening enjoyment (really only if you are fan of this kind of “outsider music” stuff), for shear curiosity, or to help a good cause, buy Wayne’s ¡At Last!.

And, Wayne, if you are out there, please get in touch.

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