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We have a favorite quote we found out there on the Interwebs about this album, and we think it just about sums it all up: “That’s a good homemade album from West Siberia.” We don’t remember who said it, but we like it.

Cornslaw Industries’ first (and thus-far only) Russian artist. We hope nothing was lost in the translation. We believe it was self-recorded in West Siberia and that all music was written by the members of the Vertinsky Dogs.

We got this from them:

Vertinsky Dogs (ПсыВертинского) is an independent music project from the Russian industrial town of Kemerovo in West Siberia. Our particular view of modern culture leads us to reject any attempt at a perfect sound. We refuse any kind of musical gadgetry and stick deliberately to simple arrangements. That means we can offer listeners very “honest” songs, plus the kind of lyrics that are indicative of real-life experience. These are songs from the housing projects of a small town.

They used to have a website at dogsmusic.org.

  1. Lolita
  2. Girls Loved Foreigners
  3. Krym
  4. Suddenly it Seems Like Everything Has Stopped
  5. Eyes
  6. They Say, You’ve Gone to Somaly
  7. Don’t Introduce Me
  8. The Moon
  9. Prisoner Woman
  10. Music
  11. Coffee

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