Chinese Democracy: a tribute to an unheard album



In 1997, Axl Rose began recording a new Guns N’ Roses album. As of October of 2006, the album had yet to be released. Though many of the songs had been leaked, nothing official. The album, still called “Chinese Democracy,” was (once again) rumored to be released on November 21, 2006, it was not. Chinese Democracy: a Tribute to an Unheard Album was conceived in early October of 2006 after years of waiting for the album. In reality, this tribute has very little to do with Axl’s album. It is a tribute to the concept of the Guns N’ Roses’ album Chinese Democracy — the wait, the rumors, and the song titles, but it is not a tribute to the actual album or to any actual Guns N’ Roses songs. All songs included on Chinese Democracy: a Tribute to an Unheard Album are original songs composed in tribute to the titles of the songs that have been rumored to be included on Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy with no other interaction with the song.

Chinese Democracy: a Tribute to an Unheard Album was prepared and distributed with only a fraction of the time, effort, and cost. We mean no disrespect to Axl and the boys (maybe a little). This is a tribute to a great decade of waiting and the power of a title. Chinese Democracy: a Tribute to an Unheard Album is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or associated with Guns N’ Roses or Mr. Rose, but that didn’t stop a cease and desist e-mail and myspace message. With Chinese Democracy: a Tribute to an Unheard Album’s addition to the Internet Archive, it not only is the first tribute to predate the object of tribute, but the first tribute to be released and rereleased before the object of tribute.

Contributors share their thoughts:

1000000 a.d. – “Never have repressed memories flown from the lips as fancy free as Mr. Rose allows them to.”

Abbrakadagger – “The atomic situation is now at the endpoint of this process: the power to expose a whole population to death is the underside of the power to guarantee an individual’s continued existence.” (M. Foucault)

abeslogic – “I liked it when Slash stood on the piano…oh, what? there is a war going on though, huh.”

…Barry’s Listening – “It is our sincere hope that Chinese Democracy will, upon its eventual release, bring us all to our sha-na-na-na-knees-knees.”

Christmas Eve 39 B.C. – “Freddie Mercury Tribute concert 1992, nuff said.”

The False Idol – (No quote provided.)

Holmes, Oquinn & the Dirty Doctor  – “Sorry, I’m not good with quotes except for maybe ‘I’m only good at 3 things drinking, fighting and fucking.”

House of Fire – (No quote provided.)

Josh Keyes – “I’m looking forward to Chinese Democracy. It will be out this year. Axl Rose is a genius. I expect the new album to ROCK!”

Joshua Fenn – “I feel that Axl Rose in some way is the original Sarah and he’s definitely a part of the Collective Sarah Being, as we all are, in our own way. Pay particular attention to the hidden messages in “Welcome To The Jungle.” This was his way of making everyone aware of the oncoming Sarah situation. I definitely give thanks to Axl for helping me to become aware of the being and inspiring me in some way to help others also become aware.”

Eat My Silkworms Presents Almost Famous – “This album will make you bust your nuts three times over. This will be worth the wait.”

Michael Fitch – (No quote provided.)

The Ninth Stair – “I hope that the album is good. I’ve been waiting a while, it better be good!”

Project Windfall  – “The legend of GNR died with Arnold in T2. They can’t expect for this new album to just pick up where the classic GNR left off. Oh shit, did I just say classic GNR. I did, FUCK! Guess I can burn all of my VHS tapes.”

The She Loves Me Nots – “Axl. One vowel, but two syllables.”

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