Jokes Ungotten: The In Romania Sessions

200-theroyaloui-joke2 Download

These are the left over tracks, alternate takes, and extended versions from the In Romania, Joke Gets You sessions. Some of them might be better than the “originals.” Most are not. We tried a handful of covers, but “Wave of Mutilation” was probably as close as we got to almost playing an entire cover song. We leaned more towards the UK Surf version.

All songs by ML,JP,CH,CP. Except “Wave of Mutilation” by Black Francis. Recorded between Fall 2006 and Summer 2007 at GarageBG.

  1. Dino, Jr. (rockin’ teenage combo version)
  2. After the Fire (rockin’ teenage combo version)
  3. Wave of Mutilation (Pixies cover)
  4. Song 61 (full version)
  5. Johnny Was Sleeping

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