In Romania, Joke Gets You

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Recorded by Mike, James, and Colin over the course of several months between the Fall of 2006 and the Summer of 2007 while each one had far more important things to do. With help from Dave, Corey, Cristian, Andy, and Mark.

Most of the songs are named after the band we were ripping off (albeit not entirely clear on the listening end) and are interspersed with Cristian’s Romanian humor.

All songs by ML,JP,CH or ML,JP,CH,CP. Recorded onto a Fostex cassette four track in a at garage in Bowling Green, Ohio.

  1. After the Fire
  2. Romanian Humor I
  3. Song 61
  4. Romanian Humor II
  5. Dino, Jr.
  6. Song 62
  7. Romanian Humor III
  8. Rollenstoans
  9. Song 13
  10. Mt. Midoriyama I (feat. Romanian Humor IV)
  11. Demo Derby

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