The First Few Times

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The First Few Times is meant to be taken literally. This was taken from the “first few times” the Daven Mines performed/recorded/met.

The Daven Mines represents a learned approach to the creation of smooth pop with an extra squirt of presumed superiority. They’re better than you and they know it. It is as simple as that. Like two passing comets in the wind, Daven and Mines met, sniffed each other out, and created a masterful debut album before fate tore them apart.

Rumors floats around of a half-finished follow up album entitled, The Next Few Times, but only scattered notes have been confirmed to actually exist.

The Daven Mines were Daven (Vox, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards) and Mines (Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, Vox).

All songs by Daven & Mine except “All Out of Live” by Graham Russell Hitchcock. Recorded between September and October 2007. Recorded in Pistachio (Toledo OH).

  1. Division III Football Players
  2. A Half Used Tube
  3. Thrice Wed, Thrice Divorced
  4. All Out Of Love (Air Supply Cover)

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