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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Wenis

Wenis_BSSW-Cover Wenis' sophmore effort was met with mixed reviews. A rag-tag collection of both humorous and serious songs, the band couldn't decide which direction to take the bulk of the material written for this album.

Wenis di Milo

Wenis-di-Milo-cover-298x300 The explosive breakout album from this dastardly duo turned the music industry on it's head. Although the recording quality on Wenis di Milo is a bit sub-par compared to their later efforts, Wenis hit

Pilot Meets Stars

200-mill-pilot Originally release in 1997 by Rockadelic Records, Pilot Meets Stars is Mill Run Bands' second release. It is an interesting array of early bedroom four track pop conveying a playfully psychedelic, yet


200-dewback-anom The Dewback Anomoly (yes, we realize it is spelled wrong) was recorded using the absolute worst technology available. For the most part, the members of Dewback recorded live in any one of the basements

Around the Cat in 80 Days

CyanideTamales-1000 Around the Cat (In 80 Days), in its celebration of the fact that it was recorded on a four track by a bunch of geeky guys, represented so much of what I loved about music at the time (and still today).