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2 Doc 2 Qua

1000-2doc 2 Doc 2 Qua is by D'qua, the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. It seems to indicate that D'Aqua has a more sinister side than previously imagined... track 5 should be a little quieter... This


500-jqua-maxworthing This is two guitar solos recorded "on the crown heights/prospect heights borderline in a  'hospital'" on September 11, 2009. It was "edited over the following two weeks via tascam portastudio 424mkII

I Do It (Because He Loves Me)

  • CS060 • 2009 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • The Embryonic Truth Brigade is Fuzzy Columbia and Zayta Portway. This short album was apparently recorded some years ago and forgotten.


1000-daqua-gatorade D'Aqua is the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. In regards to this release, this conversation may or may not have occurred: A: I just tried to send you the album through [website

Dedication to John Howard Knee

1mil-jhk-1000 In December of 2008, three members of the loosely knit collective 1000000 a.d., Manwerd, Bleh, and C.P., met in an undisclosed Philadelphia location to record the basic tracks of what would become Dedication


200-skelebundles • CS047 • 2009 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Short experimental piece from two members of the Cornslaw Industries family moonlighting as Skelebundles. In the tradition of other such singularly

Not Dark and Emo

200-starkandnimo-dark A collection of minimalist pop songs washed in swirls of distortion and cascades of noise, "...Not Dark and Emo" was recorded live in a Brooklyn basement on 4-track tape July of 2008. Special thanks to

Is It Too Doc Mailman

200-doc-isittoo Written and recorded by M. Maffei in New York City over 2007 and 2008, the inaugural Doc Mailman album, Is It Too Doc Mailman sounds like a dog on a carpet. Recorded in 2008. All songs written and

Triple Six of Tuscaloosa

1mil-trip6b This is a mysterious album from either 2005 or 2006. We released it initially in 2007, but we had it laying around (digitally) for a while. We're not entirely sure this one was meant to be released, but