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800-lester-inferno • CS0XX • 1997 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Inferno is, to our knowledge, Morgantown, WV's Lester James & the White Flames's only release. It was released on CD in 1997. We asked

Play Something You Practiced

200-ninjas-play • CS009 • 1999 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • For The Courteous Ninjas to play something they practiced prior to the performance is more of a threat than a request. The Ninjas have no time

Solid Gold Plated Love

800-makeshifters-solid Keith was supposed to write this thing a while ago. Like in 2009. He hasn't done it yet. It used to just say, "The Makeshifters's only actual release. (Keith is delinquent in writing the descriptive passage.)"

Good and the Hood Flyer Collection

good-and-thehoods Most flyers by Dan and/or Colin.                  

At Last

wayneatlast • Purchase CD & 'Zine in Cornslaw Store • How does one begin to explain Wayne? That is a difficult question. He certainly is an outsider artist in the purist sense of the word. This is not a

Ofy Toof

200-ofy "Ofy Toof" was created for a student-produced horror/slasher film, although I never actually got to see the film. I read a treatments and thought, "hmmm, I could do that." A cassette tape was submitted

Meli Caticane Says “Fuck Your Candy Canes”

200-meli-says-150x150 Lost for too long, prefabricated and re-formulated in 2008, rescued from damaged and obsolete MIDI files. Originally programmed and recorded in the Fall of 1996, and released (i.e. played for friends)

My Friend, Meli Caticane

200-meli-caticane My Friend, Meli Caticane… the more-than-slightly less offensive alternative to Switches, Knobs, and Fucking Levers. But, the tracks are essentially the same. Most of the tracks were programed using an

Saturday With Zon

200-zon Zon was a band for about an hour... maybe two. They formed in a bedroom in Morgantown in the fall of 1996. They broke up later that afternoon, but not before completing the album/song/story called "Saturday