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Husband Killers

200-e-thrice-husband Husband Killers is the debut solo album from the songwriter behind 1000000 a.d. To date, it is the only release Manwerd has released under his own name (which is actually an alias, but it is his primary

Not Dark and Emo

200-starkandnimo-dark A collection of minimalist pop songs washed in swirls of distortion and cascades of noise, "...Not Dark and Emo" was recorded live in a Brooklyn basement on 4-track tape July of 2008. Special thanks to

Pilot Meets Stars

200-mill-pilot Originally release in 1997 by Rockadelic Records, Pilot Meets Stars is Mill Run Bands' second release. It is an interesting array of early bedroom four track pop conveying a playfully psychedelic, yet

Ofy Toof

200-ofy "Ofy Toof" was created for a student-produced horror/slasher film, although I never actually got to see the film. I read a treatments and thought, "hmmm, I could do that." A cassette tape was submitted

Saturday With Zon

200-zon Zon was a band for about an hour... maybe two. They formed in a bedroom in Morgantown in the fall of 1996. They broke up later that afternoon, but not before completing the album/song/story called "Saturday

Around the Cat in 80 Days

CyanideTamales-1000 Around the Cat (In 80 Days), in its celebration of the fact that it was recorded on a four track by a bunch of geeky guys, represented so much of what I loved about music at the time (and still today).