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Celebration Tale of the River Road

200-mill-river • CS056 • 2000 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Michael's third cassette release (and third or fourth release). We'll fill in some of this information soon.

Bowmins’s Connect

200-mill-connect • CS055 • 1997 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Michael's second (we think) cassette release.

Dr. Peace

200-jaffe-drpeace This strange song is really more of an often improvised long form theme. Essentially, Jaffe is interested in telling you that a man named Dr. Peace is unable to meet with you right now because he is in

The Turtleneck Anomoly

200-jaffe-turtle We often would confuse The Turtleneck Anomoly with "Dr. Peace." They are related, but the two counldn't be more different. The Turtleneck Anomoly is a long piece, just shy of a half hour. "Dr. Peace" is

13 Thoughts from the Hill Dwellers Handbook

200-mill-13 • CS027 • 1996 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • One of Michael's first post-Dewback cassette releases. Original notes: (c) (P) 1996 Michael G. this tape was written, produced, and performed

Songs About Boys

200-jaffe-boys Much like Songs About Girls, this collection was also recorded in the mid to late 1990s and stored in stolen milk crates. It is a little more slap-dash than Songs About Girls, but there are some gems

Songs About Girls

200-jaffe-girls Recorded in the mid to late 1990s and stored in stolen milk crates, Songs About Girls is a collection of songs about girls with names like Amanda, Jennifer, and Beth and is inspired by girls with other

Pilot Meets Stars

200-mill-pilot Originally release in 1997 by Rockadelic Records, Pilot Meets Stars is Mill Run Bands' second release. It is an interesting array of early bedroom four track pop conveying a playfully psychedelic, yet