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200-birchrun-telescope All music by The Birch Run Russell. Recorded in parts and times unknown. (Probably Lehigh County, PA sometime in 2008). all auras swell (a girl) in refracted light - plane/waves half-lights

Is It Too Doc Mailman

200-doc-isittoo Written and recorded by M. Maffei in New York City over 2007 and 2008, the inaugural Doc Mailman album, Is It Too Doc Mailman sounds like a dog on a carpet. Recorded in 2008. All songs written and

4 Tracks from the 4 Track II

200-1mil-4tracks2 This is, as the title suggests, the follow-up to 4 Tracks from the 4 Track. Once again, like its predecessor, this one emerged from e-Thrice alone in his nest. We imagine him in a nest atop the buildings

1 Mil Press Conference

200-1mil-press Recorded in one afternoon/evening in Bloomfield, New Jersey and refined over the next week or so by e-Thrice himself. The songs are far shorter and, dare we say, rawer than the previous Poli-Ticking At

Poli-Ticking At Gore Grange

200-1mil-poli-ticking Poli-Ticking began in the summer of 2005 as an idea… a dream, if you will. As of the time, it was to be the only 1000000 a.d. collection to be recorded in a real live studio, as a real live band, with

Prudent Tracks

200-neihbor-prudent Where did it come from? Why did it come from there? Does it ever return there? Credited to "Our Neighbor in Heav'n (an alias of e-Thrice Manwerd, itself an alias). Despite the lack of information, this

Lodge Breakfast

200-15yom-lodge For years, this was all we knew (or assumed) about the 15 Year Old Mothers and their Lodge Breakfast: "Recorded somewhere in Lehigh County, PA sometime in the early 2000's shortly before the 15 Year Old

The Prague Spirit EP

200-1mil-prague Nothing has every really been known about the Prague Spirit EP. It just sort of showed up one day. Who worked on it? Don't know, probably just e-Thrice. When and where was it recorded? Not sure, probably

Triple Six of Tuscaloosa

1mil-trip6b This is a mysterious album from either 2005 or 2006. We released it initially in 2007, but we had it laying around (digitally) for a while. We're not entirely sure this one was meant to be released, but

est. yesterday

est-yesterday est. yesterday arrived in some manner possibly in early 2005. That is a complete guess; obscured by the past. We released it sometime in 2007. Maybe one day, e-Thrice will remember the details for