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• CS071 • 2011 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • The person behind XMas Eve XXXIX asked Cornslaw, "hey would you be interested in mastering this ep or helping me master it? just some minor

2 Doc 2 Qua

1000-2doc 2 Doc 2 Qua is by D'qua, the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. It seems to indicate that D'Aqua has a more sinister side than previously imagined... track 5 should be a little quieter... This


500-jqua-maxworthing This is two guitar solos recorded "on the crown heights/prospect heights borderline in a  'hospital'" on September 11, 2009. It was "edited over the following two weeks via tascam portastudio 424mkII

I Do It (Because He Loves Me)

  • CS060 • 2009 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • The Embryonic Truth Brigade is Fuzzy Columbia and Zayta Portway. This short album was apparently recorded some years ago and forgotten.


1000-daqua-gatorade D'Aqua is the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. In regards to this release, this conversation may or may not have occurred: A: I just tried to send you the album through [website

Dedication to John Howard Knee

1mil-jhk-1000 In December of 2008, three members of the loosely knit collective 1000000 a.d., Manwerd, Bleh, and C.P., met in an undisclosed Philadelphia location to record the basic tracks of what would become Dedication

The Tyler Kinney EP

TylerKinneyEp-300x300 • CS042 • 2008 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • But she seemed to be recovering from the effects of this fiasco when sometime during the night of June 22, 1969, she stumbled in the bathroom


200-skelebundles • CS047 • 2009 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Short experimental piece from two members of the Cornslaw Industries family moonlighting as Skelebundles. In the tradition of other such singularly

Deco Ambler

200-qua-deco Qua Issues #1— : . QUA=Dec-Amb ESTRET : * Olina's test Nurth code * : trace R Shakesp fords home dropped her off at : parse source . . cmd . . . . . env . eleven to slosh : parse upper arg arms father

Husband Killers

200-e-thrice-husband Husband Killers is the debut solo album from the songwriter behind 1000000 a.d. To date, it is the only release Manwerd has released under his own name (which is actually an alias, but it is his primary