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Ofy Toof

200-ofy "Ofy Toof" was created for a student-produced horror/slasher film, although I never actually got to see the film. I read a treatments and thought, "hmmm, I could do that." A cassette tape was submitted

Meli Caticane Says “Fuck Your Candy Canes”

200-meli-says-150x150 Lost for too long, prefabricated and re-formulated in 2008, rescued from damaged and obsolete MIDI files. Originally programmed and recorded in the Fall of 1996, and released (i.e. played for friends)

Na Klar!

200-ben-naklar Rescued from obscurity is the forgotten collection known to a select few simply as "Na Klar!" Na Klar was probably conceived originally as a collection, but ended up at the bottom of a moving box. The

My Friend, Meli Caticane

200-meli-caticane My Friend, Meli Caticane… the more-than-slightly less offensive alternative to Switches, Knobs, and Fucking Levers. But, the tracks are essentially the same. Most of the tracks were programed using an

Saturday With Zon

200-zon Zon was a band for about an hour... maybe two. They formed in a bedroom in Morgantown in the fall of 1996. They broke up later that afternoon, but not before completing the album/song/story called "Saturday