First Time Visitor

If this is your first time visiting Cornslaw industries, you may not know what to listen to? Ater much bureaucratic rigamarole, the Board has approved a page to acknowledge our most popular releases. These are not necessarily what we consider our best (although all our fine releases are worthy of a listen) or our favorites, just the most popular releases according to the Internet Archive. We notice the peculiar trend that most of these releases have covers on them.

Our most popular

Chinese Democracy: a tribute to an unheard album – Various Artists

This was one of our first releases that got any notice. Conceived of over the course of the weekend and produced in one month, Chinese Democracy: a tribute to an unheard album was once refered to as the first tribute album to predate the actual release. These are not covers, they are songs recorded in tribute that justsohappen to share titles with songs rumored to be on a certain album that took fucking forever to produce. Axl Rose did not like this and it likely benefits us to state that Guns N Roses and Mr. Rose do not support this project.

Come On Lincoln – 1000000 ad

1 Mil’s first Cornslaw release, it is loose, sloppy, and wonderful. An EP culled from a much larger collection of material (much of which was included on subsequent releases), Come On Lincoln has definitely benefited by the inclusion of a cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You.”

est. yesterday – 1000000 ad

We love this release, but have no real idea why this release has resonated more than other 1000000 ad releases or other Cornslaw artists. We’re not complaining… not by any means. We just don’t get it. But, it is an awesome release. One of E-Thrice’s brilliant “practically solo” releases (rather than a recording made by the whole band–oh yeah, there are two different kinds of 1000000 ad releases). This release seems to get a lot of European interest. It has been reviewed in several languages we don’t understand by bloggers in several countries we’ve never been to. Way to go, Internet!

Anomoly – Dewback

This is one of, if not the, oldest Cornslaw Industries release. Originally a cassette-only release produced by the band in 1993 or 1994, Anomoly or The Dewback Anomoly (we are aware that we spelled in incorrectly) was a collection of demo recordings and live recordings made in basements and garages all around Bucks County, PA. We didn’t really understand the process of multi-tracking, but we did have a lot of splitters and Radio Shack mixers, so we made do. These recordings garnered the interest of a certain underground but highly respected producer and his record label. We sort of had an audition. We sort of blew it off, figuring there’d be plenty more opportunities in the future. We were dumb.

Other favorites

The Triple Six of Tuscaloosa – 1000000 ad

Poli-Ticking At Gore Grange – 1000000 ad

The Prague Spirit EP – 1000000 ad

1 Mil Press Conference – 1000000 ad

Songs About Boys – JaffĂ©

Husband Killers – E-Thrice Manwerd