wayneatlastWayne – ¡At Last!


Cornslaw Industries actually has a couple items for sale. This is the CD by Wayne. We have a few left. If you’re nice to us and/or we meet you in person, we will likely just give you one. That being said, if you know who Wayne is, these are very likely the last of his ¡At Last! CDs around.

The CD is shipped with a little zine about Wayne.

We promised Mitch we would do something charitable with any money made from the sale of these CDs. We haven’t really made too much.

Wayne, if you’re out there, drop us a line.

Wayne ¡At Last! CD & ‘Zine

(N. American Shipping) – $15 USD SOLD OUT

Wayne ¡At Last! CD & ‘Zine

(Worldwide Shipping) – $18 USD SOLD OUT