The Untitled EP

200-pschwa-untitled Download

The Untitled EP is the only “studio” recording by Philadelphia’s Pocketschwa. The songs were recorded in Mike’s house in Fishtown. I do not believe the recordings were ever actually finished. One song is missing a verse. Do you know which one? Pocketschwa would slowly unravel, never really breaking up, in the months that followed (probably why the recordings were left in their unfinished state).

All songs by Chris Kasper, Mike Hannigan, Colin Helb, and Mike “Slick” Leibowitz. Recorded in Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA, early 2003. Engineered by Tim Celfo.Recorded & produced by Tim Celfo and PoCKetScHwa.

01. Wonton Won Five
02. Shaggy Prophet
03. Slick In Zen
04. The Last Loogah

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