Moving-Waiting Room

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Moving-waiting room is the Neyfab’s first solo album. Entirely written and realized by the Italian, in which he records synthesizers, guitars and drum digital sample. An album of eleven songs from the long-term but not too much. A sort of concept album regarding the textual part, which pours out of this feeling of loss and the inability to grasp it and hold it for himself. Moving-waiting room, a room in which it expects to avoid being sucked into the vortex of daily life, in which it remains in a constant motion from which we can not escape except through the reflection about the time of life. English songs sung with an European accent, where you mix love and reflections on life issues with a view strongly influenced by visions of the East. Made mostly travelling on the train, designed to be listened on headphones observing outer space and move around. From one waiting-room, in movement. Moving-waiting room.

  1. Lose control
  2. Bitterness
  3. No hermetic
  4. Precise hour marrying moment
  5. Never fade away
  6. Happier thinkers
  7. Moving-waiting room
  8. Perfect inside
  9. Whispering loudly
  10. D & D
  11. Shelter

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