Old News

We have delivered what we consider “news” in so many different ways over the past ten years. So much of it is lost, so much more of it is inconsequential to you or anyone else happening upon this. But, rather than toss it out, here it is…

August 15, 2013

We are still trying to go through everything to get ready for our 10th birthday just as my (Colin) son is born. Sunrise… sunset… sunrise… sunset. Just got Ben Roy and theroyaloui back online.


May 22, 2013

Cornslaw Industries has been dormant for a couple years now. No new 1Mil records, no new old four track recordings, no fairly unlistenable experimental recordings… nothing. Certain albums still receive a fair amount of attention at the Cornslaw Industries Internet Archives page, but nothing new. To make it worse, we launched pages for, and actually have the music ready, for several releases we never got around to uploading. It is really terrible, we know.

Well, according to some accounts, this coming fall (2013) marks our tenth anniversary. Other accounts believe it should be 2014, but we are going for a year long celebration beginning this fall.

For now, please enjoy our old shit as we go through our old shit… little by little. As stuff is sorted through, it’ll become available in the above menu.


We’re missing some updates here. We’ll find ‘em.

Jan 22, 2011

A few months back we took a little nap and posted this. Now, we are slowly reawakening. All the relseaes we promised are coming out in the next couple weeks. See below for new D’qua and XMas Eve XXXIX. More to come. Oh yeah, and a lot of links don’t work right now.

October 9, 2009

Good friend of Cornslaw Industries Tim Malley has released another awesome CD with his group Tim and the 23s. The follow up to self-titled debut, Dislocated is another set of well-written, booze-fueled rock from this Pennsylvanian-by-of-San Diego songwriter. We’re not sure how you can get one yet, but we’ll let you know when it comes to our attention… maybe viaUncleNickyRecords.com?

Check out his website at timandthe23s.com. And check out his music at myspace.com/timandthe23s. Also hopefully on the horizon for Tim Malley-related music is the Cornslaw Industries debut of another of Tim’s bands, The Whiskey Dicks who were previously featured in the Cornslaw videoShed: The Movie.

September 29, 2009

It is far too rare that we return to a favorite collection of the past for a little fond recollection and re-listening. Inspired in part by much of the international attention Cornslaw has been receiving lately (we’re not sure why, but we love it), we decided to read through a couple of the foreign-language blog posts regarding Cornslaw in general or specific releases. A near-consistant favorite amongst Europeans and Americans alike is Jaffé’s music. Particularly, people seem attracted to his Songs About Girls and Songs About Boys collections. We take responsibility only in convincing Jaffé to let us rummage through his old tapes and putting them in some sort of order, the rest was all Jaffé. We know Songs About Girls is a far superior album, but Songs About Boys is good too, if even we realize it was far more hastily thrown together. Aided by the BabelFish, here is some nice things a man/boy/woman/girl typed in Russian on his/her LiveJournal blog. Please keep in mind that these a robotic translations.

Songs About Girls

It is difficult to describe unambiguously the music of Jaffe completed under the very skillful synthesizer: here much both from the baroque- priest and from the [semidesyatnicheskoy] stage, and on the quality this typical bedroom-[folk]. However, Jaffe excuses that the fact that song for this pseudo-conceptual album, dedicated, as can be seen from names, to girls, he wrote even into the 90th on very imperfect the technology of those days. These songs are interesting, it is however strange, not only as the artifact of epoch, but, of course, they became obsolete. However, they are likable, and Jaffe hardly relied on larger. 4/5

Songs About Boys

On second [relize] of Jaffe it became the victim of its own concept – it is however, so constantly: attempting to support idea, he wrote down ” song against [malchikakh]” , but already even cover reflects, that the quality of material here nothing of the kind, and amorous to it relation is insufficient. Certainly, record was made approximately in the same period, but this does not justify quality and monotony of material. Especially one ought to note that [leybl] Of cornslaw Of industrie, perfectly well understanding the weakness of album, for long was not solved it to let out. 3/5

July 31, 2009

We are back to our old ways, releasing a shit ton of music few to no people care about. But we care and furthermore, we care that we care… a lot.

To tide us all over for a couple days, we have a single song from Mr. Philly Fiction himself, Chris Munden called “It Ain’t Wrong.” The song can be found on his Cornslaw page, but be sure to check out the recently released Philly Fiction 2.

In the coming couple weeks, Cornslaw will present the following new releases:

1000000 a.d. – Dedication to John Howard Knee (Aug ‘09)With basic tracks recorded by eThrice, Niloc, and CP in December ’08 and interpreted and imagined by eThrice in the months following.

National RocKombo – Johnson, Navin R. (Aug ‘09)
A, dare we say, classic 90s indie rock EP from a fantastic little Portand combo.

The Cyanide Tamales – Around the Cat in 80 Days (Aug ‘09)
One of the greatest things to come out of Bucks County in the early 1990s.

Wards of the Mayor – Haunts Around May Star (hopefully Aug ‘09, although we are still mixing this one)
A new neo-prog recording by a bunch of grad students who should be doing other things right now.

Mill Run Band – Bowmins’s Connect (Aug ‘09)
Mill Run Band – Celebration Tale of the River Road (Aug ‘09)
The last two of the trilogy-plus-one releases by Michael’s Mill Run Band

The Makeshifters – Solid Gold Plated Love (Aug ‘09)
Mid-90s Morgantown funky party band’s only official release.

Then, coming in September, more music including (we promise) the Weird Al tribute album (more like a long EP) and a few other surprises.

Also, the first release from Uncle Nicky Records, a split seven inch with Mason Porter and Chris Kasper, is finished. We have not worked out our eStore yet (we have always been in the business of no business), but when we do it’ll be available at unclenickyrecords.com. Until then, go to see Mason Porter or Chris Kasper live and pick one up from them.

July 11, 2009

Like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Cornslaw Industries is “packin’ up the plantation.” Unlike Tom and Co. we are not embarking on tour in support of 1985′s Southern Accents, we are moving back to Philadelphia.

We will continue with our release schedule after we get settled, including the Wards of the Mayor EP, a new 1000000 a.d. album, the debut of Dance You Monster to my Soft Song, and the digital rerelease of an old high school favorite of ours (if all goes well).

See ya in later July/early August 2009!

-Cornslaw Industries Board of Directors

April 21, 2009

We are at about 70% right now. We just have a little more data entry to do, a tad bit of cleaning up the design, and one or two more final decisions needed to be made. Utilizing Wordpress and adopting more of a blog treatment of our content, we believe we have streamlined the site a lot. Cornslaw’s content just seems to flow and web itself much nicer. We hope you like it, but if you don’t please let us know and we’ll (at least) address it. (Feel free to tell us nice stuff too).

In preparation for the official relaunch date, April 24, we have three big-ish announcements. April 24 is the official relaunch date only in the sense that the first new release will go live on that day. See number two for more.

1. We launched a record label. It is called Uncle Nicky Records. The focus of the label, in almost direct opposition to the mission of Cornslaw dot net, will be one the production of limited edition vinyl and other physical media. A concentration on production, packaging, design, and intent seems to magnify its balance with Cornslaw’s quick, liberal, and widespread approach to media production and distribution. More information at Uncle Nicky Records dot com. The label’s first release will be a split 7-inch with Mason Porter and Chris Kasper (limited to 300).

2. We have nearly a dozen releases that will be coming out daily beginning at the end of the month. We are trying to release an album a day for two weeks. We will still consider your music (or submission to the Weird Al comp). Send it to us. (The release schedule will also include much-anticipated Weird Al Ruined My Life tribute and …Barry’s Listening’s Prog album).

March 22, 2009

March 13, 2009

Well, the Cornslaw Industries 2009 Relaunch is here and, aside from a huge redesign and a general cleaning up of the site, we are proud to introduce several new albums and artists. Over the course of the next couple weeks, please check back often to download new albums from both old favorites and new artists. We are going to try to add a new release every day or three. We have upwards of a dozen new albums, including new releases from 1000000 a.d., The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening, a new pseudo off-shoot of The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening, Mill Run Band, and others as well as new artists MindLucent, Christopher Munden, Skelebundles, and several others. We also have at least one new compilation, Weird Al Ruined My Life, and other things so new and excited we don’t quite know about ‘em yet.

Pilot Meets Stars is Mill Run Band’s second release, originally released in 1997 on Rockadelic Records. It is a brilliant example of early bedroom four tracking psychedelic pop and the second collection by Mill Run Band to be added to Cornslaw. It is also Cornslaw Industries’ 51st release!

Dr. Peace cannot talk with you right now, he is in a business meeting. To have known Jaffé in the 1990s was to know his collection of self-created phrases mixed seamlessly with a bizarre array of film references. “Dr. Peace” is, along with The Turtleneck Anomoly, a materialization of several of these phrases.

The second of two instances in which Jaffé’s misspelling was embraced and given new meaning (The Dewback Anomoly being the other). The Turtleneck Anomoly is a collection of film dialog, minimalist re-scoring music, and several of Dewback and Jaffé’s original compositions re-imagined as greater whole. Songs include Dewback’s “The Final One” and Jaffé’s “Dr. Peace.”

For our fourth release of this relaunch, we turn our attentions to a short experimental piece from two members of the Cornslaw Industries family moonlighting as SkelebundlesSkelebundles is the name of the song, the album, and the artist(s).

Barry may be “no more,” but before he left us, he left us with this final collection of unfinished material. It was hoped that others would help us finish the songs, but that never happened. Lyrics (and even vocal recordings of those lyrics) exist, but this is the album as Barry left it before his bizarre, tragic, and heroic death in the Summer of 2008.

Mind Lucent is the first hip hop artist to join the Cornslaw Industries family and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him. Scuffed Tims is a highly developed and sophisticated collection of songs and Mind Lucent is an extremely talented MC and producer. We need to step up our game… Lucent has raised the bar.

The Vertinsky Dogs are our first Russian artists and our first truly international artists (Tyler Kinney is not actually Canadian and our British artists have yet to produce their promised albums). We don’t understand most of the lyrics on On My Lap, but the music and melodies are great. A raw and honest album, On My Lap is really an interesting listen and we hope to one day get to meet these guys in person.

September 1, 2008

Though the Board of Directors prematurely foresaw a solid street date of September 1st, 2008 for the “08.32″ releases, the releases are mere days away from mass availability.

Here is a list of all the new releases, included five new artists.

Danger Vacuum presents Read (pronounced “Red”)
Doc Mailman presents Is It Too Doc Mailman
Stark and Nemo presents …Not Dark and Emo

1000000 a.d. presents Four Tracks From the Four Track II
Dewback presents Dewback II
Tyler Kinney presents EP

The Birch Run Russell presents Telescope
The Grossly MisJudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening presents Prog

Unfortunately (or fortunately) The tribute album Weird Al Ruined My Life has been postponed until mid to late October, 2008. Contributions will still be considered.

January 31, 2008

We are not sure if it can be done, but certain camps of thought believe that if it were to occur, a live performance by 1000000 a.d. might look something like this.

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