A History of Cornslaw Industries, Part 1 (IFNOR)

If For No Other Reason

Screenshot of an original home page.

In (or around) 2002, I got my first URL (update) that didn’t include terms like “SunsetStrip.” It was ifnor.com. I did very little with it beyond direct it to my Temple University webspace. There, I played around with some very basic coding, a bootlegged version of Dreamweaver, played around with creating stuff for the web. I posted a few mp3s, a few (poorly compressed) videos, and a (since lost) summary of the work of Mikhail Bakhtin I actually saw cited in someone’s research paper. There was a story/song-cycle/improve recorded with friends in college, an original attempt at digitized Dewback’s Anomoly, some stuff I recorded for videos under the moniker of TheLucklessPedestrian (a Steely Dan reference); abstract animations I made with  construction paper and chalk pastels, the Holy Land USA video that still pops up on people’s radars from time to time, and a friend’s animation from his days in college. A lot of nostalgia.


Production card for “This Blows, II: The Sequel.”

Everything was on Temple’s server, I don’t think I actually bought any webspace at the time (and wouldn’t for a couple years). A few months after I uploaded the first mp3, I received an email that stated it was policy that all mp3s were presumed to be illegal rips of music used for illegal distribution of copyrighted music, and I was to remove them immediately. (This was the age of Napster, kids.) I replied that these were my original songs, and were under a Creative Commons license (although I probably did not complete the licensing process properly at the time). If they had listened to them, they would discover that these were obviously four-track recordings of largely unfinished material far from professional quality or commercial potential. My email went unanswered. Interestingly, when I removed the mp3s and replaced them with the higher quality wav files, they were apparently unconcerned of their presence.

IFNOR was “If For No Other Reason.” In it, the seeds of Cornslaw Industry were planted, but it did not last. A few more things had the IFNOR name attached to them, or were created “if for no other reason.” But, the specter of Cornslaw — a name first employed by Dewback around 1993, and used sporadically over the ten years that had followed — was beginning to come around again. To be continued…


It has, since writing this the other day, returned to my memory that ifnor.com was actually not the first URL I purchased that didn’t have something like “SunsetStrip” in it. I think Kasper and I first got PoCKetScHwa.com in the summer of 2002. We, like IFNOR, had some terrible design ideas — not to mention our horrid slash-slash-slash description of the band. We ran that site for a few years, before handing it over to someone more capable… then we broke up. We lost control of the URL in early 2004.

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