Pilot Meets Stars

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Originally release in 1997 by Rockadelic Records, Pilot Meets Stars is Mill Run Bands’ second release. It is an interesting array of early bedroom four track pop conveying a playfully psychedelic, yet cohesive narrative of Michael’s “suburban experience.” All music by Michael and recorded in his “blue room” studio in Levittown, PA with Andy Marzi, Matt Cusanno, Colin Helb, and Greg Camphire.

This was Cornslaw Industries’ 51st release on the Internet Archive.

Some copies show up on eBay on occasion.

  1. Slip
  2. Mays Landing
  3. Easy
  4. Pilot Meets Stars I
  5. Mack Song
  6. Slip, Return
  7. Twelve 34
  8. Tin Ceiling
  9. Pilot Meets Stars II
  10. Spider Stay Down
  11. Lotus
  12. Triggers_Tea Storm

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