My Friend, Meli Caticane

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My Friend, Meli Caticane… the more-than-slightly less offensive alternative to Switches, Knobs, and Fucking Levers. But, the tracks are essentially the same. Most of the tracks were programed using an early MidiSoft program (can’t remember the title), then processed (remixed/remastered, if you will) several years later using a different program (I also cannot remember the title of this one).

A lot of this stuff was taken directly from counterpoint and composition exercises (albeit, often after I had kind of “lost it” and allowed for my own influence to enter), but some of it was just for “shits and giggles.” For example, “FinalI” and “FinalII” were originally built from Dewback’s “The Final One.” Ironically, since most of the creative and performative aspects of these were done via MIDI programming, there really were relatively few switches, knobs, or fucking levers involved in the process.

All songs by Meli Caticane. Recorded between 1995 and 1996. Recorded at various locations in Morgantown, WV, using a Windows 95 computer.

  1. FinalI
  2. FinalII
  3. Heathen
  4. pRiTy
  5. AAAA
  6. IDonTkNo
  7. WeirdNeu

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