Solid Gold Plated Love

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Keith was supposed to write this thing a while ago. Like in 2009. He hasn’t done it yet. It used to just say, “The Makeshifters’s only actual release. (Keith is delinquent in writing the descriptive passage.)” But, we’ve uncovered the other release, the unreleased release, The Chudder, so that won’t work…

Then we wrote this:

“I want to write something more about The Makeshifters, hmmm… The Makeshifters were a fun band to see live. They had a lot of fun on the stage and it showed through in their live shows. Hmmm… I swear I had something else in mind when I started writing this, but the Family Guy Return of the Jedi episode is on and I’m finding it a bit distracting… so, we’ll wait for Keith.”

Thinking Keith would come across it and write something, but he hasn’t so here it is: Solid Gold Plated Love.

Originally self-released on CD. Mastered at Squirrel Sound in Morgantown, WV. Produced by The Makeshifters.


Keith Webb (drums), Chip Connoly (guitars, vocals), Chad “Vinnie” Denton (guitars, vocals), Omar Musisko (bass, vocals), and Chris “Catfish” Webb (keys, trumpet, harmonica, didj, vocals). With Christopher O’Neil (congas) on “Toothgrinder” and Abe Vandenberg (horns) on “Casino Night”.

  1. 01 Catfish And Delirium
  2. Bbq
  3. Toothgrinder
  4. All Unfall
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Unbrokends
  7. Fantasy
  8. Casino Nite

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