The Turtleneck Anomoly

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We often would confuse The Turtleneck Anomoly with “Dr. Peace.” They are related, but the two counldn’t be more different. The Turtleneck Anomoly is a long piece, just shy of a half hour. “Dr. Peace” is a portion of it, but not the whole thing. Truth be told, we are not completely sure this is the only Turtleneck Anomoly. Like “Dr. Peace,” it was always more of a concept, an idea, rather than a completed thing or song. This surely is The Turtleneck Anomoly, but it may not be all of it. There are believed to be far better recordings, we hope to find one of them someday.

Recorded sometime in the mid-1990s in Pennsylvania and/or West Virginia.

  1. The Turtleneck Anomoly

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