Dr. Peace

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This strange song is really more of an often improvised long form theme. Essentially, Jaffe is interested in telling you that a man named Dr. Peace is unable to meet with you right now because he is in a business meeting. He offers the alternative, Dr. Zen. Over the years, Jaffe would play this piece (Dr. Peace) for anywhere between a few minutes and several hours. From behind a closed door of whatever bedroom Jaffe was using as a studio, one would hear a strange collection of prerecorded, programmed, and performed music and vocals informing accidental listeners of the fact that Dr. Peace was unable to meet with them. Though he likely recorded it each and every time, this is the only tape of it he was able to find. For now, it must act as the representational recording of this song. “Dr. Peace” is also included as part of The Turtleneck Anomoly.

Recorded sometime in the mid 1990s in either Yardley, PA or Morgantown, WV.

  1. Dr. Peace (Cannot Talk To You Right Now)
  2. Dr. Peace (Crazier Than A Shithouse Rat)
  3. Dr. Peace (Acoustic)

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