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Taking a Nap

Yawn... Cornslaw Industries needs a little nap. Not a "forever nap," but a bit of a "cybernation," or "controlled coma," if you will. We will be releasing our last few releases for 2010 as "straight to Archive.org" releases. They are just as good as the rest of our stuff. Kind of like how Mission to Moscow is just as good as Citizens on Patrol.

All of our stuff will remain in the Internet Archive's net.label collection and we'll try to stay active on our Facebook page. Unclenickyrecords.com will likely also be down during this time. But, we aren't going anywhere. We will be doing stuff, but, as we recently said to E-Thrice Manwerd, we need to streamline the projects a bit. We have a few new and exciting projects in 2011 that will need the majority of our attention!

In addition, we'll try to get our "specialty pages" back up real soon.

Thank you for all the support and downloading. It's been a great six years. Please continue to download, listen, and render anew; urge us to return; send us stuff; and eagerly anticipate said return (maybe sometime in the summer of 2011, maybe sooner, maybe later).

Don't worry, we've done this before, we'll probably do it again.


Our Most Recent Releases:

We'll add the links as they are finished.

CS1009 • Daqua • "2 Doc 2 Qua" (Doc Mailman + Qua Judge)

CS1010 • E-Thrice Manwerd • "XMas Eve XXXIX" (Mr. 1Mil)

CS1011 • Neyfab • "Moving-Waiting Room" (A new artist from Italy!)

CS1012 • Colin Helb • "We Too Are Engineers" (From a limited CDR release)

CS1013 • Wenis • "A Very Wenis Christmas" (Merry Xmas from Wenis!)

CS1014 • Wenis • "The Wipe Album" (Another from Bucks County's own, Wenis!)

CS1015 • Wenis • "Hemo" (That makes a total of five Wenis-Cornslaw releases.)


Links and Contact:

Cornslaw at the Internet Archive.

Please visit Colin at colinhelb.com. There you will find stuff he is (er, I mean: "I is") doing including some scholarship, projects, and music.

Send us email.

Visit us in Philly!