Girls Night Out


Years ago, I attended a show by my cousin Tim’s oldies side-project called Girls Night Out. The band was actually made up of all the members of his primary band at the time, Pilot Round the Sun. They played old sixties rock and soul music and had a great time. After the show, I told Tim that if-and-when I got married, I wanted Girls Night Out to play at the wedding.

This was years before I met my wife.

After we met, and went through the courtship-to-proposal events of our lives, we had to plan a wedding. When it came time for the music, I had one thing in mind: Girls Night Out. By this time, Pilot Round the Sun was no more. Fortunate for us, all the members were still friends, all still lived in the area, and were all actively playing in other groups such as Hoots and HellmouthMason Porter, and the Sermon.

They performed some great classic rock favorites at our wedding on June 27, 2009.

This was recorded by Rhys Herrmann. The introduction isby Mark S. Bernard.

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