Husband Killers

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Husband Killers is the debut solo album from the songwriter behind 1000000 a.d. To date, it is the only release Manwerd has released under his own name (which is actually an alias, but it is his primary alias). We don’t expect a second release from him anytime soon, but you never know.

All songs by e-Thrice Manwerd. Probably recorded in the mid to late aughts of the 2000s. Probably recorded in Brooklyn, New York and/or somewhere in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

This is definitely a Cornslaw favorite.

  1. Rod’s Manager
  2. Law Boy Demo
  3. Next Lot In Life
  4. Sebrina Krauss Gets Extrapolated
  5. Land Grant Matter 07
  6. Vote Yes in 1898
  7. Smaller Portions
  8. Metronome Woods Fuzz Form
  9. e1 hang up or line fall
  10. The Killers

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