1000-daqua-gatorade Download

D’Aqua is the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge.

In regards to this release, this conversation may or may not have occurred:

A: I just tried to send you the album through [website omitted]. I think it worked. Please let me know if it didn’t. The cover is attached and the text that would go along with the album is: “Composed by Smart Man and Senior Teen, 2009.”

B: No. Didn’t seem to get it.

A: Bummer! I just tried again. It says it was sent. I’ll have to try another method tonight. do you know of any other good/free file sharing sites?

B: I think “C” usually uses [website omitted]. No, wait, it’s the other one. Which one do you use, “C?” I like [website omitted].

C: We could try using the [website omitted] server…

A: I think today’s the day.

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Bucklecouch
  3. The Museum of Natural History of All Places
  4. Touch My Baby
  5. Months of Horses’ Focus (Rock N’ Roll Re-Mix)
  6. Segovia!
  7. (Easy Nowcaptain) Hail Who?
  8. Clothes Moths
  9. Asterisssss…,
  10. What You Owe Me (Cattle of 1,000 Horses)
  11. Cheddar Shakiness Sung’ll +
  12. Troytoid
  13. Dog of My Ilk edit
  14. R.L.R.H.E.L.
  15. Who Do You Think It Is?! by D’Aqua
  16. Fund Trustlers
  17. PPDeLay

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