Dewback II

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Taken from tapes and tapes of material, Dewback II is a collection of “studio” tracks (for lack of a better word) recorded between 1992 and 1995. It is also known as  Dewback 2,” DDADIM, and Dewback Drops Acid, Dig it, Man.

Although The Dewback Anomoly holds a special place in our hearts, this is a far more cohesive collection of material.

All songs by Dewback. Recorded in and around Yardley, PA, 1993-1995.

  1. Gnabber ’96
  2. Peps for Paidroe
  3. The Final One
  4. Conditions For Fishing Are Not Monitored In This Area
  5. Mud For Your Turtle
  6. Gnabber’s Land of Necrophelia
  7. Gnabber
  8. Landslide, Wagnal’s Funk House, Dark Forest, & The Pope Is Jewish

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