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The Dewback Anomoly¬†(yes, we realize it is spelled wrong) was recorded using the absolute worst technology available. For the most part, the members of Dewback recorded live in any one of the basements they dubbed Dewback Hall using either a microphone in a tape recorder or the internal microphone of a boom box. Some tracks were recorded using two four-channel microphone mixers from Radio Shack fed into one of the afore mentioned tape recorders. Michael produced the original version of The Dewback Anomoly using an inexpensive four track and the collection of “master tapes.”

It was originally released in late 1994 on cassette by Mill Run Records. All the songs are by Dewback, except * by McDaniel (“Who Do You Love?”) and Holly (“Not Fade Away”).

This was the first audio release by IFNOR/Cornslaw Industries in 2003.

  1. blue eyed gunner (intro)
  2. gnabber’s land of necrophelia
  3. platypus
  4. child
  5. conditions for fishing are not monitored in this area
  6. sunshine
  7. the final one (excerpt)
  8. dark frest (excerpt)
  9. who / not *
  10. landslide (a.a. version)
  11. landslide (war song version)
  12. sounds enhancing other sounds (s.e.o.s.)
  13. little quakers
  14. peps for paidroe
  15. the pope is jewish
  16. lemon jam
  17. gnabber’s bright golden wine
  18. mill run
  19. final one’s final chords

Video of “Peps for Paidroe” featuring scenes of Dewback recording.

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