1000-danger-crackle Download

I ordered a Cracklebox from Steim in the Summer of 2009. A few weeks later (actually several weeks, but it was worth it) I received my Cracklebox in the mail. The Cracklebox is a device witch allows the user to create a series of controlled shorts and mis-wirings using his/her own body (fingers, really). Each player will produce a particular performance of the instrument depending on weight, body heat, pressure, recent meals, contact, and sequence of interaction with the instrument. This was the first couple days I played with it.

Recored without edits live to a Fostex digital eight track with a microphone placed extremely close to the instrument. Track five is an accidental mix of four different recordings.

  1. 80011
  2. 80015
  3. 80010
  4. 80012
  5. 80005 through 80016

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