Around the Cat in 80 Days

CyanideTamales-1000 Download

Around the Cat (In 80 Days), in its celebration of the fact that it was recorded on a four track by a bunch of geeky guys, represented so much of what I loved about music at the time (and still today). The tape was smart, deeply referential, equally childish and cerebral, and snarky as hell.

Please enjoy one of the greatest things Yardley, Pennsylvania has ever produced (including what’s-her-name from Annie).

This is a remixed version of the original cassette. We assume Josh did that. Right?

While I think the remixed version sounds a lot better, I still like to to listen to my cassette version. So, I am still considering releasing a “un-remixed” version of the album recorded directly from an original cassette. No filters, etc. We’ll see.

See also Dave’s (very 90s) page on The Cyanide Tamales.

  1. Album Intro
  2. Stupid Girl
  3. Action/Adventure Intro
  4. Action Adventure Song
  5. Pachyderms
  6. Potato Queen
  7. ABIGW Intro
  8. ABIGW
  9. Fascist Intro
  10. Fascist Sequence
  11. I whip cheese Intro
  12. I whip cheese
  13. John the Jock Intro
  14. John the Jock
  15. Potato Intro
  16. Potato Sequence
  17. Munging
  18. Machine
  19. Dangerous
  20. Dave on the organ

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