Email us (by “us,” I mean me: Colin) at cornslaw at gmail dot com if you want to say hello, tell us something we did when we were fifteen sucks, or “score a record deal.”

Seriously, we may “sign” you, whatever that means. But, probably not. No offense. We’re just busy these days.

Still interested? Well, we upload all of our music to the Internet Archive and/or Bandcamp (which you can do yourself), release everything under a Creative Commons license, you retain the ownership of your songs, but the recordings must be available for free distribution with few (if any) limitations.

We used to release a lot more, but haven’t in a few years save for the sporadic internal recordings.

If this still seems like a viable career move for you, drop us a line at the afore mentioned email address.

We’re also on Facebook, have various Bandcamp accounts, use Skype, have a Google Voice account, a PO Box, what-have-you, but let’s start with a nice email (and a “like” on Facebook).

We are physically located in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.