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“Ofy Toof” was created for a student-produced horror/slasher film, although I never actually got to see the film. I read a treatments and thought, “hmmm, I could do that.” A cassette tape was submitted to an NYU film student, but nothing was every heard back. I can’t imagine he/she was overly excited by the minimalistic melodies, sub-par keyboard performance, and simplistic production.¬†Ofy Toof (the album) is the sole creation of Ofy Toof (the artist, who is really just Colin) and consists only of “Ofy Toof” (the song). All came into being in a mythical time known as the 90s and ceased to be as the decade neared doing the same.

Ofy Toof never was and never will be again. The sole output of Ofy Toof was a song, also called “Ofy Toof,” composed, performed, and recorded on a borrowed keyboard/sequencer (borrowed from Abe Vandenberg).

Recorded in 1997. The name “Ofy Toof” is “New Song” (the default for a new song’s title in Abe’s keyboard) with minimal alteration.

  1. Ofy Toof

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