366 Pieces

366 pieces box

I began this project in 2010 with the intention/idea/inkling to record/perform/create one sound piece for everyday… however long that’ll take. It was never intended to be an every-day-in-one-year quickie project, but it was not intended to be overly time consuming and perfected either. More of a disjointed daily sound diary.

By even the most liberal of expectations, it’ll take about ten years to complete this project. Thats about four “collections” per year in order to stay on a ten-year schedule. This will not happen. Considering Volume 1 was recorded between August and December of 2010, and Volume 4 between the summer and fall of 2013, it definitely will not happen that quickly.

Each piece is titled with the date of the track’s recording. Nearly all pieces are conceived and recorded on a single date. Sometimes a few are recorded in consecutive days (in a row), sometimes it’s weeks or months between recordings.

The process of putting together the “Volumes” is arbitrary. When one feels “finished,” it is called finished. Volumes are uploaded to Bandcamp and very limited handmade CDRs are created and distributed to friends, by request through the mail, and at live shows (though there are very few of those).

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