City Gardens

Located at 1701 Calhoun Street, Trenton, NJ (not the nicest part of town), City Gardens was a inherant stop for any indie, punk, alternative, and underground band touring the US in the 1980s and 90s. Located smack-dab between New York City and Philadelphia, City Gardens offered a hyper-localized intimacy unavailable in larger cities.

City Gardens got everyone. My first show was in 1991 and called “Lollapalooza, Jr.” It featured The Mentors, Alice Donut (the draw for me), The Lunachicks, and local Jersey band The Fiendz.

I loved it so much that I begged my mother to drive me back the following weekend for Nirvana. I wasn’t allowed.

This is my collection of City Gardens “punk cards,” postcard-sized schedules mailed every week or two.

These flyers have made the round in the past few years since I posted them (wishing I had watermarked… woulda been cool). You can tell they are my scans because they are gifs lacking any gradient coloration. Some day, I’ll rescan them. More soon?