On the French island of Elba, lived a defeated, yet unhumbled little man. Banished by those he once ruled, Napoléon Bonarparté never ceased in his quest to Frenchinize the newly founded Americas! He came by boat, under the shroud of night. Across the Atlantic, he dared only travel by moonlight.

Upon sailing into Baltimore Harbor, with only his mighty steed beside him, Napoléon tracked down his favorite author of the macabre: Edgar Allen Pohl. Napoléon and Edgar joined forces to subvert the American literate. By writing sentences longer than 35 words, twisting meanings to uncomfortable members. Soon their plan took hold. The deviant duo exploited America’s guilt, the skeletons in all of our closets, and our very conscience buried under the floorboards. Having captured the minds of the adult literate, they shifted their diaobolical efforts to a new fertile, corruptable ground: the American youth.

The heinous axis knew the youth would rather listen to vulgar music than read a 165 year-old book. There was only one thing for them to do: Start an anglo-franco band!

Wenis is Edgar Allen Pohl (Hank Saur) on bass, keyboards, and vocals; and Napoléon Bonarparté (Greg Baradziej) on guitar, drums, and vocals. They are joined by Notorious W.E.N.I.S. (Rich Overholt) on guitar solos, Wetsy Ross (Teri Matthews) doing vocals on a handful of songs, and John Mancock playing piano on a handful of songs


Wenis_Hemo-Cover Hemo, the fourth studio album by Wenis is, by far, the most mature album in terms of quality and songwriting. Fear and loss are the themes on the majority of the tracks. Every song on Hemo is serious;

The Wipe Album

Wenis_Wipe-Album-Cover The Wipe Album is Wenis's third studio album. It is the most ambitious album of the band's illustrious career to date. Packed with humor, heartache, and twenty-something angst, The Wipe Album is twenty

A Very Wenis Christmas

Wenis_Xmas-Cover-300x300 A Christmas EP as only Wenis can do. Contains both holiday favorites [Ed. note: we'd call these more re-imaginings rather than covers] and Wenis originals. That's it... that's all the information

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Wenis

Wenis_BSSW-Cover Wenis' sophmore effort was met with mixed reviews. A rag-tag collection of both humorous and serious songs, the band couldn't decide which direction to take the bulk of the material written for this album.

Wenis di Milo

Wenis-di-Milo-cover-298x300 The explosive breakout album from this dastardly duo turned the music industry on it's head. Although the recording quality on Wenis di Milo is a bit sub-par compared to their later efforts, Wenis hit