Vertinsky Dogs

In 2009, we received an email introducing Vertinsky Dogs. It read, “We are a Russian band called Vertinsky Dogs from West Siberia. We`ve just recorded our homemade album and we would be glad to be published by your label. Your opinion about our songs is very important for us. That’s why your answer to this message would make us happy.”

After brief deliberation, the Cornslaw Industries Board of Directors enthusiastically approved of adding Vertinsky Dogs to the roster; the first (actually) international band on Cornslaw, and they’re from Siberia. Awesome.

We’re not exactly sure how Vertinsky Dogs found us, and our communications with them has come by way of literal web-based translations, but they brought us two phenomenal albums, far superior to our usual fare.

The Happy Potential of Swings

TheHappyPotentialOfSwings The second release from our Russian friends from West Siberia: The Vertinsky Dogs. Another brilliant collection of songs from this group. Another interesting and often-difficult (because of language differences,

On My Lap

200-vertinsky-onmylap We have a favorite quote we found out there on the Interwebs about this album, and we think it just about sums it all up: "That’s a good homemade album from West Siberia." We don't remember who said