The Daven Mines

The Daven Mines was a brilliantly fun, but fleeting project between Dave Pratt and Colin Helb. Named (and pronounced) in reference to the band being “Dave and mine’s new band.” We shared all instrumentation, songwriting duties, arrangements, etc. Dave handled most of the vocals, and Colin handled the recording and mixing. All music was preformed to tape. In other words, the band never really existed as a full ensemble or anything approaching a live group. Everything was domes for the recordings.

Unfortunately, as with many projects attempted in environment of graduate school, its time was cut short as professional obligations and geographic distance kept the two artists apart.

The First Few Times

200-daven The First Few Times is meant to be taken literally. This was taken from the "first few times" the Daven Mines performed/recorded/met. The Daven Mines represents a learned approach to the creation of