The Birch Run Russell

Pliable in the face of the tenth generation in Saucon, [ ] left the “rhombus-sized mild-stars”(Gessenheiner p. 241) for the navigation superlatives of the Borialus. Consequently, he arrived in Davenport where primaries set up craft. (He knows Wone Mil’yons.)

Here he formed his first compensation trio, ROMAN CATHO-LO-CISM, THE BAND.

But due to the approbations of the Welsh with the quanta-stylings of Erasmus lace, he exchanged the deeds for THE CREPUSCULAR HALF-LIGHTS in honor of his ninth entity – fecundity. Also, tri-mesters in June. In doing so, he inchoated and phlegmatically perforated the south. Martisshe’- or, more rendering, Victor Eno- currently lives in Sleetmute, Alaska with his derivatives.

The Birch Run Russell have also been known as The Crepuscular Half Lights and are also (we think) Sports For Kin (mostly, at least, right?).


200-birchrun-telescope All music by The Birch Run Russell. Recorded in parts and times unknown. (Probably Lehigh County, PA sometime in 2008). all auras swell (a girl) in refracted light - plane/waves half-lights