Stark and Nimo

Stark and Nimo are an impressionist rock duo based out of Brooklyn, NY and the project long-time friends and collaborators from Hialeah, FL, Allan Pichardo and Drey Perez. Allan and Drey formed the group in the springtime of 2008 in Seattle, WA after the dissolution of their previous band Host. During the summer of 2008, Drey and Allan moved to Brooklyn, NY where they recorded their debut EP “…Not Dark and Emo”

Stark and Nimo were are on Facebook at one point, are still on ReverbNation and MySpace (although probably inactively), seem to have played out in the past few years, and were one of the first groups Cornslaw “signed” without knowing in real life. We seemed to fit together well.

Not Dark and Emo

200-starkandnimo-dark A collection of minimalist pop songs washed in swirls of distortion and cascades of noise, "...Not Dark and Emo" was recorded live in a Brooklyn basement on 4-track tape July of 2008. Special thanks to