Our Neihbor In Heav’n

Our Neihbor in Heav’n is an alias for an alias for a real guy who, at one point in time, was contractually obligated to not disclose his true identity. That time has passed, but he is still wary of using his real name. We’re not sure why. Maybe he’ll correct us.

Our Neihbor has produced only a single release for Cornslaw, but the term “(y)our neih(g)bor in heaven” has shown up in other artists’ works. Likewise, the single contributor to the Our Neihbor project has shown up in a lot of other Cornslaw project.

We are desperately striving for the minimum lines length needed for the site’s layout. I think we may have gotten there with this final sentence.

Prudent Tracks

200-neihbor-prudent Where did it come from? Why did it come from there? Does it ever return there? Credited to "Our Neighbor in Heav'n (an alias of e-Thrice Manwerd, itself an alias). Despite the lack of information, this