Neyfab (Fabio Tassi) was born physically and musically in the melancholy outskirts of Genoa. Part of that feeling’s in his production, which will be developed by seeking vocal harmonies and instrumental experimentation. Multi-instrumentalist and singer, writes and records his own pieces, taking care also of the mixing stage, the party considers essential to the sound output end he desired. In 2008 he moved to the English capital and from there begin to imagine what will be his first job. Released an EP “Travel Around the Pleiades” that will only preview of what will become the final album, “Moving-Waiting Room.” Songs from the guitar first, then glued on electronic bases and instrumental music performed as though they were its own. Melancholy of this music thrown in, moments of life channeled into finding a personal sound space.

Moving-Waiting Room

neyfab-moving Moving-waiting room is the Neyfab’s first solo album. Entirely written and realized by the Italian, in which he records synthesizers, guitars and drum digital sample. An album of eleven songs from the