Meli Caticane

While a music major in the mid-1990s, a mildly-talented multi-instrumentalist attempted to transform the monotony of strict contrapuntal theory-dictated exercises into progressive MIDI compositions. The end results are often only partially-connected, stream-of-consciousness songs bordering on the unlistenable. In the end, he received mostly C’s for the exercises attached to these compositions and ultimately left the music program.

These recordings were initially slated to be made available under the titles of Meli Caticane presents: Switches, Knobs, and Fucking Levers (w/k/a My Friend, Meli Caticane) in 1996 and Meli Caticane exclaims ‘Fuck Your Candy Canes’ in 1997, but are available here via Cornslaw Industries for the first time.

Meli Caticane Says “Fuck Your Candy Canes”

200-meli-says-150x150 Lost for too long, prefabricated and re-formulated in 2008, rescued from damaged and obsolete MIDI files. Originally programmed and recorded in the Fall of 1996, and released (i.e. played for friends)

My Friend, Meli Caticane

200-meli-caticane My Friend, Meli Caticane… the more-than-slightly less offensive alternative to Switches, Knobs, and Fucking Levers. But, the tracks are essentially the same. Most of the tracks were programed using an