The Makeshifters were a band that formed by a series of fortunate accidents in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1998. They were a six-piece outfit that consisted of four vocals, two guitars, bass, keys, saxophone, and drums that played with the uninhibited relentlessness that only the odd, ridiculous, and inspired can do.

The Makeshifters were known mainly for their unpredictable and powerful live performances. Their sound could be best described as eclectic, funk, jazz, sometimes nonsensical other times epic, jamrock, and stemmed from the songwriting (and absurd skit writing) of all of the founding members. They gigged regularly in their hometown of Morgantown West Virginia, while touring through the rest the state, Pittsburgh, and Ohio.

After a few years of success in the local college scene, cohabitating, recording two albums, and being joined for a stint by the well known Philadelphia songwriter Chris Kasper, the Makeshifters shifted apart and took their varied musical perspectives off into the purple distance (also the name of their first “should have been condemned” practice room).

The founding members current whereabouts are hazy at best, but untrustworthy reports say: Omar Musisko headed to California grow soybeans illegally and accidentally founded the indie folk rock band The Peripherals. Chris “Catfish’ Webb has been rumored to still be rambling on in numerous (10-20) bands in Morgantown. Abe “The Mad Chief” Vandenberg went on to form the rocking yet laid back project Abe’s Logic in Hawaii. Chip Connolly switched to solo (extremely small uninhabited room performances only) banjo picking. Chad “Vinnie” Denton burned all of his gear and swore a blood oath to Zeus never to strum again (lest the band reunite). Drummer Keith “Webbschtarr” Webb is a session drummer (A.K.A drums for food) in Baltimore MD.

In summary, if you were there, you just might have liked them.

(Bio by Omar)

Solid Gold Plated Love

800-makeshifters-solid Keith was supposed to write this thing a while ago. Like in 2009. He hasn't done it yet. It used to just say, "The Makeshifters's only actual release. (Keith is delinquent in writing the descriptive passage.)"