KBD is a Toledo, Ohio-based music collective centered upon multi-instrumentalists Gabe Beam and Mike Kimaid. The group has also included founding member Ryan Dohm and Colin Helb as well as collaborative projects with others. Recently, Beam and Kimaid have been performing and recording under the moniker of KBD(ou) and in its initial configuration including Dohm.

Cornslaw assisted in the release of two different recordings in 2008 (during Colin’s brief tenure with the group).

KBD’s home page is , and Gabe lives in the Robinwood Concert House in the Old West End of Toledo.

Two Face

200-kbd-twoface These recordings were made in preparation for KBD's short East Coast mini-tour in the fall of 2008. Colin was asked to join Mike and Gabe as they traveled to Washington, DC, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, Buffalo,


200-kbd-09112008 A single improvised track by Mike, Gabe, and Colin. As the name implies, it was recorded on the 11th of September, 2008, probably in the Noisy Attic of Gabe's Robinwood Concert House. That is all. 09112008