I first met Jeff in or around the sixth grade. He has always been… interesting. In high school, we formed Dewback with several friends. When half the band (myself included) went off to college, Jeff continued to play with his four track and keyboard.

We are not over exaggerating the fact that Jeff is a rather disconnected individual. Is he on the Internet? Yeah, probably. Does he get it? Maybe not. We’re not trying to make him out to be some sort of outsider artistic genius, though some of us do believe he is a genius in a sense of the word. Does he still play music? We’re not sure. We see him far less than we would like these days.

Dr. Peace

200-jaffe-drpeace This strange song is really more of an often improvised long form theme. Essentially, Jaffe is interested in telling you that a man named Dr. Peace is unable to meet with you right now because he is in

The Turtleneck Anomoly

200-jaffe-turtle We often would confuse The Turtleneck Anomoly with "Dr. Peace." They are related, but the two counldn't be more different. The Turtleneck Anomoly is a long piece, just shy of a half hour. "Dr. Peace" is

Songs About Boys

200-jaffe-boys Much like Songs About Girls, this collection was also recorded in the mid to late 1990s and stored in stolen milk crates. It is a little more slap-dash than Songs About Girls, but there are some gems

Songs About Girls

200-jaffe-girls Recorded in the mid to late 1990s and stored in stolen milk crates, Songs About Girls is a collection of songs about girls with names like Amanda, Jennifer, and Beth and is inspired by girls with other